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1. These are some of the least explored yet useful business services provided Out-of-box in siebel.

2. This business service is used to get the HTTP related information like session, cookie, server or client IP addresses and may more variables. The most common usage is to get the IP Address of Clinet User machine to log and track the users or to restrict a user to not to open multiple sessions.
 How to use it? 
1. The best way to simulate and use it , is , go to business service simulator in …

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Process of Creating Integration Objects

Creating Integration Objects Using the EAI Siebel Wizard Business Service
(Optional) Configuring the integration object (see Guidelines for Configuring Integration Objects)
Validating Integration Objects
Compiling your changes into the SRF file
Testing Integration Objects
(Optional) Deploying Integration Objects to the Run-Time Database

For more details , read here –


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You can add extension columns to existing base tables. Adding an extension column avoids additional joins to extension tables for storing custom attributes. You can add extension columns to any of the following table types:

Data tables
Intersection tables
Interface tables
Standard extension tables
Custom extension tables
Extension (Siebel)


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You must be aware of  Outbound Communications Manager (OCM) business service which is mainly used for sending emails from Siebel Application.This is a out-of-box business service, which provides method like SendMessage or SendSmtpMessage , CreateRequest, SubmitRequest methods for sending email from Siebel Workflow Processes or Custom Business Services. But there is a very UNIQUE use of Outbound Communications Manager which provides two specialized methods which are HIDDEN and not visible in Siebel Tools -> Business Service object. These methods are ‘ExpandedText’ and ‘ExpandedSubject’.
Also you should also know what is Communications Template …

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Power of Siebel eScripting or also called as ECMA Scripting
1. We some time faces issues to remove special characters in a Workflow Step, and look for a vanilla Workflow function to use, but cannot find the one.
2. We try for a custom business service to find and replace the special character. But some time that custom business service restrict you to only few character, but later you want to filter out some more chars, the you need to modify it. Also, you may have to do a while loop or for …