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Outbound Communications Manager – Hidden Methods

22 January 2011 3 Comments

You must be aware of  Outbound Communications Manager (OCM) business service which is mainly used for sending emails from Siebel Application.This is a out-of-box business service, which provides method like SendMessage or SendSmtpMessage , CreateRequest, SubmitRequest methods for sending email from Siebel Workflow Processes or Custom Business Services. But there is a very UNIQUE use of Outbound Communications Manager which provides two specialized methods which are HIDDEN and not visible in Siebel Tools -> Business Service object. These methods are ‘ExpandedText’ and ‘ExpandedSubject’.

Also you should also know what is Communications Template to fully make use of these methods. These are mainly use to contruct emails, sms, pager templates message templates which can get data from siebel business components fields and replace in message templates. More on this can be found here  – [What is Siebel Communications Templates? ]

So, here is the usage of ‘ExpandedText’ and ‘ExpandedSubject’ methods.

Requirement: 1 If you want to use “Communication Templates” to construct a message and get it as outputs in a workflow or business service, use the below -

Business Service Name: Outbound Communications Manager
Method: ExpandCommTemplate

Inputs Property Name:
- CommTemplateName ( This is Communication Template Name [Sitemap -> Administration - Communications -> All Templates] )
- SourceBusObj ( Business Object like Action, Opportunity etc)
- SourceId ( Row_Id of the record Primary BC of the BO)

Outputs Property Name:
- ExpandedSubject ( This will give you the translated Subject text from template)
- ExpandedText ( This will give you the translated Body Text from template)

Download the Attachment: You can directly try these in Business Service Simulator. Just import them as ‘Load from File’ in business service simulator and change the row_id to a proper row_id like activity id or opty id.

Requirement: 2If you want to convert any message having BC fields as a part of message and get its outputs in a workflow or business service, use below method -

Business Service: Outbound Communications Manager
Method: ExpandText

Inputs Property Name:
- Template ( Make sure to provide a input like this – “An Activity: ” + [Action.Type] + “is assigned to you.” + “Activity Id: ” + [Action.Id] )
- SourceBusComp ( Give BC name for like Action,Opportunity etc)
- SourceId ( Row_Id of the record)

Outputs Property Name:
- ExpandedText ( This will have the translated message replacing the BC fields by actual data from the record like “An Activity: ‘Followup on Hold’ is assigned to you and its activity id is 1-HJ3O”

Download The Attachment Here: You can directly try these in Business Service Simulator. Just import them as ‘Load from File’ in business service simulator and change the ’Template’ to a proper message so that it has BC Field names.

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  • Barbara Mori

    Thanks for sharing meaningful information

  • Osama Alamer

    hi man,
    thanks for these information, but i have a question how can i use these methods in Workflow?
    i have requierments to Send SMS that can be chanaged according to tamplate, could you help me on that??!


  • Artoms

    In “ExpandCommTemplate” method if you have HTML body, then the Output Argument will be “HTMLExpandedText”