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Siebel Web Services Video

15 June 2010 8 Comments

Click above to view it.

This video gives you an idea related to Web Service in General, which is necessary to know to design Siebel Integration using Web Services

- what a Web Service is called,
- what are its various components,
- how it has been standaradised,
- what is a WSDL, PORT, Binding, Service End Point
and lot other answers related to Web Services in Generic.

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  • Faraz

    Viv , good job man as u said info of siebel is limited over the web , knowldge sharing like u have done may help all new com .

  • Kaushik Baruah

    Great job man…try to put up some more tutorial videos

    • http://www.siebelintegration.com/ Vivek

      Thanks man…do register to the blog using above Register field to get updates in ur MAIL BOX, keep blogging and reading!!!

  • VG

    Hey Vivek,
    Gr8 job dude… expecting lot more from u…
    Thanks a lot.. Keep up the good work..

  • Varada

    Hi Vivek,

    I am not able to view the video.
    I did run the active X for media player… but no luck…
    Was very curious to watch this tutorial video..


    • http://www.siebelintegration.com/ Site Admin

      Its working now. There was some problem in the path. Thanks for notifying.

      • Trk Sblcrm

        it well.Screen is very small size i don’t get process.

        From…. RK

  • krishna


    the tutorial is good and new revolution to siebel people to keep this kind of classes makes and creates effective applications.

    here iam expecting some example video tutorial.

    Tharakrishna G.R