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How to Test Outbound Web Services

22 April 2009 12 Comments

It’s tough, but will do it simply…

Invoking Outbound Web Service

You can invoke the proxy Business Service from anywhere in application, and that will in turn call the Outbound Web Service and bring the response in the Siebel Message based on the Output Integration Object : ConversionRateResponse

1. Lets Create Request Message which is needed to Invoke the Web Service.
Navigate to Business Service Simulator, Create a new record in the top list applet and give the business service as: PRM ANI Utility Service and method as CreateEmptyPropSet.
Or Alternatively: Import this file using Load From File option. Load it in Top List Applet

In the middle, Inputs list applet, create a new record and add the below values:
Type: PropertySet
PropertyName Mvg – Click it and create a new record as below –
Property Name: Hierarchy Name
Value: ConversionRate <This Integration Object is same as which is there in the Input Arguments of the BS: CurrencyConvertorSoap>
Or Alternatively: Import this file using Load From File option. Load it in Middle List Applet

3. Click the RUN button at top in Business Service Simulator applet and you will see the output message at the bottom most applet.

4. Click on Save To File in the bottom most applet to save the PropertySets to a xml file. This file [WebService-Inputs.xml] will be your input xml message to Invoke the Outbound Web Service.

PART 3: Testing the Outbound Web Service …Continued

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  • http://www.siebelintegration.com/ Admin

    Thanks for your Response…Keep reading and posting your queries..and doubts to enhance site content and spread the knowledge.


  • vinay


    Thanks a lot for ur article. U r doing a gr8 job. Expecting lot more from u.

  • Raj


    Literally this article is really cool and explained the steps in much easier way ..

    Gr88 job …

  • http://www.siebelintegration.com/ Admin

    Yea siebel uses certificates provided in IE.
    Siebel sends out Soap request from a Outbound Web service, it makes use of the binding address property in your WSDL file to connect to remote source.

    you can see it in Application Administration -> Outbound Web Service -> Service Ports -> Address field in Siebel Application.

  • quanhai

    My outbound service is SSL enabled. I got the exception: SBL-EAI-04116. Seems siebel can’t trust the certificate, where is the trust keystore in Siebel?

  • quanhai

    Thanks for your help and quick response. I got excepton when hit the link above.
    Does sieble use the certificates in IE? Do you knwo how Siebl send out soap request and how to make connection with remote server?

  • quanhai


  • Radha

    Hi Vivek,
    Thanks for your reply. I have few questions regarding the response from outbound web service.

    I have taken this example from siebel bookshelf.

    I am invoking the webservice from Business Service from siebel tools and my code looks like this

    svc.InvokeMethod(“getCustomerName”, wsInput, wsOutput);

    My question is : 1 what is the type of wsOutput? Is it a Siebel Message/XML Hierarchy?

    2. To extract the element values Can I write

    var getCustOutput = wsOutput.GetChild(0) (Method 1)

    or should I use BS->

    EAI Integration Object to XML Hierarchy Converter.IntObjHierToXMLHier
    then the code is going to be


    var getCustOutput = wsOutXMLHier.GetChild(0) (Method 2)

    3.Should I use Method 1 or Method 2 to extract the values? What I meant is
    should we convert the Siebel Message to XML Hierarchy before extracting
    values from response of Outbound Web Service.

    If it is true,then why siebel bookshelf is not using the EAI XML Hierarchy conv
    in the example?

    4. Pls post an example on parsing the response from Outbound WS and storing
    in a property set and also storing to a database.


  • Radha

    I appreciate your quick help

  • Abhas

    I have one query, i have called external web service(Currency Conversion) into siebel and invoked that Web service using workflow, its working fine. now i have to configure the same requirement with VBC. i have read on internet to create new VBC we need XML Gateway Business Service or custom BS with Init and Query BS Methods.
    But i need to configure the VBC with my previous existing BS(Currency Conversion). kindly help me to complete this talk. how i can create VBC with existing BS.

    If i am wrong , please clarfy me.

    Thanks & regards