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How to Debug Siebel Dedicated Client

24 April 2009 5 Comments

During the development or testing phase of Siebel Application we may encounter errors in Siebel Dedicated or Tools. So how do we find out the source of error or where to raise log levels to get detailed log file.

Siebel provides some debugging techniques , just follow the below links for details

Enable Client Side Tracing Scripts
Siebel Environment Variables
• Spooling
• Siebel Debugger – Break Points

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  • http://www.siebelintegration.com Admin

    Spooling can be done by placing a commandline string to the Siebel Client Shortcut.

    - Right Click Siebel Client Shortcut, open Properties
    - At the end of cfg file path write: /s C:\Spool.txt
    This will create a spools file name spool.txt in C:\ drive

    • P M V Karthik

      or u can give same in tools view –>options–> debug as well for this must make sure that path and file are created prior.

  • Neena

    Hi ,

    Can you please suggest basic guide lines for beginners for understanding and analyzing spool.By explaining the attached spool txt file.

    Thank you,

    • http://www.siebelintegration.com/ Admin

      Spool file is nothing but a file full of sqls that siebel generates for each operation performed on it. Suppose just when you create a new record on Siebel application, open your spool file and see at its end, you will find a INSERT query there. Similarly, query with some conditions in a Field in Siebel Application like “XYZ”. Now, goto your spool file , and search for “XYZ”, you will find it as a Bind Variable in one of QUERY inside the spool file.

      So, the operations you perform on Siebel are converted to SQL statements and written to the Spool file.

  • Krishna

    great man..keep it up