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Please fell free to ask any Siebel related question by posting question as a COMMENT below.

  • ZillaDoraiRaj

    How to Write a escript for connecting odbc ? I have created a Custom Business Service where i Actually i am trying write a code to connect odbc in the Query method 
    I wil apperciate if any 1 helps out 

  • Jahnavi514

    Hi all
    i have a requirement . User should not be able to change account status to ‘Inactive’ when there are pending orders- i have tried this with calculated fields n business comp user prop bt its getting readable for all d orders not only for pending please help me

  • Siebel

    Hi All,

     may i know On what Scenario we can have multiple join specification for a single join ?Please Explain ?

  • Celad23

    I need to create a pop-up applet form that appears when a certain field is changed (and other criterion’s are matched). the pop-up needs to contain details from the previous screen, and have room to write 2 fields, that will be saved in the DB. Also, the same pop up needs to pop when a certain button is pressed. 
    I am working on siebel 8.1
    any suggestions? 


  • aqeel uddin

    how we can change the color of a row in a list applet depending on any field value with out using scripting please reply to nadeem.(abdul.siebelcrm@gmail.com)
    any one guys please send config,workflow,scripting interview questions and related docs

  • sindhu


    I have a requirement where in the popup error message is visible in black and i have to change the color to Red.The error message is present in the server script of Action BC.
    please guide with the solution asap
    thanks in Advance.

  • Prasad


    What’s happening to the siebel market ? why the recruitment is not happening like before?

    Should we continue in Siebel or is it right time to move to the different technologies

    • Prasad

      Sorry, Why the Job Recritment is not happening like before

  • Margaret White

    We would like to allow ‘ and other special characters to be used in names and address fields within Siebel CRM account/contacts and address UI. Is there an easy way to do this?

  • SiebelVeryBeginner

    Siebel Integration, In WF step, What is the main difference between Upsert and Insert and waht are the drawback of these?

  • Sam

    First of all, thank you for your very helpful posts. Your EAI posts were of a huge help to me when I’ve started with EAI.
    I have a tiny question that I would like to ask you: What would the impact of configuring Siebel to work with HTTPS (SSL) be on Inbound and Outbound web services?
    We’re using Siebel
    Many thanks,