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[21 Apr 2011 | Comments Off | ]

How to access the Siebel Application UI content in the form of a XML?
It is done by Siebel Web Engine (SWE).
Where it is useful?
Suppose you want to customize the Siebel UI and render your own UI, or you want to access Siebel Wirelessly where you cannot download the Siebel DLLs. Such web applications can be developed which will have Siebel data at backend and front end will be customized.
This can also find its applicability in Mobile Web Access to Siebel without configuring the so called Siebel application ‘Siebel Wireless’
How …

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[13 Apr 2011 | 5 Comments | ]

1. These are some of the least explored yet useful business services provided Out-of-box in siebel.
2. This business service is used to get the HTTP related information like session, cookie, server or client IP addresses and may more variables. The most common usage is to get the IP Address of Clinet User machine to log and track the users or to restrict a user to not to open multiple sessions.
 How to use it? 
1. The best way to simulate and use it , is , go to business service simulator in …